boat cruise in Uganda

Where to do a Boat Cruise in Uganda?


 Boat cruise in Uganda is one of the top tourist activities that travelers love to engage in as they sail on the fresh waters of the country and enjoy the beautiful sceneries.

Putting aside the other activities that you can get involved in during your Uganda safaris, the Uganda boat cruises are some things to raise your excitement and make your safari to Africa a memorable and fantastic.

Boat cruise in Uganda

The boat cruises in Uganda offer you endless chances  and opportunities to see a lot of fantastic and stunning wildlife along the banks of the river and the beaches of different waterbodies. There are a lot of destinations in Uganda where you can go for a boat cruise such as lake Victoria, source of the Nile, Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake Bunyonyi , Lake Mburo national park among others.

boat cruise in uganda

Lake Victoria

The Lake Victoria was formally known as lake Nalubale, but now known as lake Victoria and it covers an area of 68,800 square kilometers and it is shared among the three East African countries and these include Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.  Boat cruises can be done on the different parts / ports/ shores/beaches.  This water body is also used as water transport across from one country to another because of its big size.

Kazinga Channel

Kazinga Channel is located in queen Elizabeth national park, and it connects the two lakes, Lake George and Lake Edward with a long channel for over 45km long. A boat cruise along this channel offers you a golden opportunity as combined with the ultimate game drive, you will always have the most unforgettable and remarkable safari, as you will be able to observe abundant wildlife both during the game drive and the boat cruise.

This boat cruise is always better in the afternoon, because most of these animals come out to drink waters, more especially the elephants, buffalos and others.  You will also be able to see crocodiles, water birds and many others.

Murchison Falls national park

During your trip to Murchison falls, a boat launch along the river Nile towards the mighty falls offers  you the most outstanding and engaging moment, as you will always observe the wildlife offering you a glimpse moment that will automatically turn your adventure into a breathtaking one.

Having that boat cruise towards the falls offers you that chance to see the strikes as a huge volume of water over 300 cubic meters.  Because it forces itself through a 7 meters narrow gap between the two rocks,  creating that striking sound that engages your minds and uplifts your soul as you enjoy the African and natural bath, because of the rain like drops that spread allover the place coming from the falls.

Lake Mburo National Park.

And this 10 square kilometers lake, you got a chance to see a lot wildlife in this Whispers of the wild, so as you interact with and witness the habits and behaviors of the wild residents because they are at all times waiting. 

During this boat cruise along lake Mburo you are able to see animals like hippos, crocodiles, water birds and others.

A boat cruise is a unique exhilarating activity that involves travel or a safari trip while sailing on water in a boat or a ship. In this case, a boat cruise involves riding around the river, lake or canal among others.

You can as well have tea on a boat cruise or have a party with friends while on a boat cruise, plus you can just choose to carry a few cold bear to sip on while viewing  the land scape around, the birds and the wild animals along the water frontiers or river banks or beach or bay among others.

The Uganda boat cruise is some amazing offer of unique and amazing breath taking voyages of water such as the Nile river in Murchison fall national park, lake Victoria.

On the boat

Kazinga channel in the queen Elizabeth national park and Sesse island among others can offer the thrilling moment crusing the surrounding green landscapes. The boat cruise in the national park offer you a chance to see all the wild life in the area at a glimpse.

However, the boat cruise on lake Victoria offer you a chance to glance at the beautiful topography of the surrounding area. Plus  watching the sun set among others. Uganda offers the best boat cruise safari activities in east Africa and other parts of Africa.

This mainly contributed to the factor that Uganda has a very attractive cruise safaris prepared by different tour companies in the riches areas with in bio diversity including the following; Murchison fall national park is one of the areas in Uganda because its where you can go for a memorable boat cruise experience. The boat cruise in Murchison fall national park are conducted along the Victoria Nile, so the part of the Nile which passes through lake Victoria to the western region of Uganda.

River Nile in Jinja

Jinja is located 85km from Kampala city, and its a home for the world’s longest river, where many tourists both local and international visit this place for a number of activities that include the boat cruise, and many others.

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