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Kidepo national park is Uganda’s farest and isolated national park, located in the north eastern part of Uganda, in the boarder of Uganda and Kenya, with South Sudan. Although its Uganda’s most isolated national park, it has got the most outstanding and rewarding safari to offer to you on or visit. And it had continuously drawn the travelers from different parts of the world for such an amazing place.

While you are entering Kidepo national park, you will receive a warm welcome, that warms your heart, and touches your soul as you arrive at apoka which is the tourism hub for Kidepo national park. As you come to enter Kidepo national park, a welcome you get here is a reward, as it gives you the treat prepares and propels you to relax and feel at home. The park has a true wilderness feel and is a great destination for the adventurous traveler. It has excellent wildlife viewing during the Dry season, featuring several species not encountered anywhere else in the country.

It is am ideal choice made for a family to really have an adventure to kidepo valley national park, as on your family holiday, you will enjoy basking on the sun.

The park has a very impressive mammals list. Twenty species of predator are resident, and several don’t exist in any other Ugandan park (including cheetah and black -backed jackal ). Lion is common and leopard also occurs. Elephant,  buffalo and Rothschild’s giraffe are all regularly seen, but black rhino has recently become extinct. Twelve antelope species are present – some of which don’t occur anywhere else in the country. “Safari booking)

You may prefer to experience Uganda at ground level, where you can enjoy face to face view with the most outstanding and rewarding and lifetime moments with the wild residents, as they stretch in every direction as far as your eyes can see. These horizons are boundless, and the sky as blue as the velvet.

In kidepo national park, every hill and rock in the most iconic and scenic landscape is surrounded by a lot of stories, and so much mystery and tradition by the karamoja people. Even mentioning the mysterious people and places in the stories can actually make people turn their back to avoid the attraction o bad luck…… hahahah amazing….

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