One of the things that we do in tourism is basically to help the local communities in a number of things. We well understand that the local communities have got a very big impact on the local and international tourism.

Some of our kids under our project fund.

We ensure that every 30% of all the profits we make from the tours, if directly channeled to the local communities, as the local communities are the part of every tourism in all the areas.

We support the local communities in different ways, both financially and giving a lot of products to them, services.

  1. We have set up a hands-on training school, KCI Institute, through which we help in training those that always want tp train in different areas. Through this school, we train them all the skills that we think will help them in survival. Among the skills we give them include Tailoring, computer skills, driving and mechanics, hair dressing and salon management, and many others. The Institute has two branches, Kampala campus located in the capital city of Uganda campus and Kabale campus.
  1. We also train the young people would like to join the tourism and conservation, for free, as we believe the more the conservationist, the more success in making this world, a better place to live in.
  2. While we operate our tours, some of the guests / travelers who come for the tours and they have time, they visit some of our projects to see how we are supporting these local communities.
  3. We also have our campaigns where we involve the locals living near all the ten national parks in Uganda, where we visit them every twice in a year, sensitizing them about the good things about living in harmony with the wildlife. They have therefore agreed that, when they keep these animals safe, it helps in bringing in more visitors who come to see these animals, and hence generating income for them through the tours we make.

Our main focus.

We focus on everyone, but mostly the volunourable women, children, orphans and those that do not have the funds to sustain their lives. For the young orphans, we have a running primary school with over 295 young kids that we support in education. Here we support these kids with the meals, the school stationery, shelter, medication, and many others. We do this because we believe they could be the leaders of tomorrow’s tourism and conservation.

orphanages in Uganda

Kids singing for visitors.

Before we took them over from street and hard work.

outstanding tours

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