Water biking adventure


The Water Biking Adventure is a water sport sustainable tourism activity where tourists or individuals ride bicycles on a water body without engines, gas or fuel use. These Bikes are quiet, dry, safe (nearly impossible to tip or capsize) & are awesome calorie burners! Enjoy this with other adventures. 

The Aqua Bikes are very easy to ride, extremely safe and can cruise at about 5 miles per hour. They even have reverse in case you make a wrong turn or want to go backwards!

This art has been mastered with safety measures, on top of internationally recommended life jackets, with a standby rescue boa and divers as professional guides.

What else can i do in Jinja a part from water biking adventure?

Water biking adventure has been introduces, by one of the tour companies in Uganda, and has always made te best to the tourists, because it is very easy and can be done by almost everyone.

Despite of this water biking, Jinja has some more other places and a number of activities, that include boat cruises, white water rafting , nature walks, cultural tours and many others.

There are a number of accommodations too that you can use as well, for your relaxation.

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