Tree Climbing Lions In Uganda


You can find the tree climbing lions in Uganda, in queen Elizabeth national park found in western part of Uganda in ishasha sector found in southern sector of the park, and this can be done on your safari holiday in Uganda at any period of the year.


Queen Elizabeth national park is Uganda’s second largest national park covering an area of 1978 square km, and is located in western part of Uganda, The park was formed in year 1952 as Kazinga channel national park and later after the visit of Queen Elizabeth of England the park was named as Queen Elizabeth national park and this was to commemorate her visit to Uganda. Queen Elizabeth national park is a home for a number of animals including the 4/5 big five like African Elephants, Buffaloes, Lions, Leopards, and then the 5th is Rhinos and these can only be found in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary found in Nakasongola district.

The national park is divided into two major sectors one northern sector and the southern sector, and each sector is known for its uniqueness, for example, in Northern sector, you can always enjoy the game drives and this in mostly done in Kasenyi plains. Kasenyi plains attracts a number of antelopes, and these antelopes also attracts a lot of lion prides, as they prey on them. Wile in Kasenyi plains, you can also visit lake bunyampaka, know for having the brown salt. A boat cruise along kazing channel from katunguru that cruises for at least 3 hours, is also such an amazing activity that brings you close to the wild natives.


In Southern sector, is where we shall now find the tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector of queen Elizabeth national park. On your safari to queen Elizabeth national park, you will always enjoy the most outstanding, rewarding, and fascinating exposure to these wild kings when you combine it with a visit to Ishasha sector for tree climbing lions, and this is greatly an adventure!

Seeing lionesses cuddling with their healthy ,adorable and playful cubs and lions demarcating their territories makes one feel the zeal of exploring the hidden gems. So to have the best adventure, you need to have a round trip that takes you to ishasha, where you will experience the great view of the tree climbing lions, as they catch your eyes, and cameras or photoshoots.

Your trip or game drive in Ishasha for tree climbing lions, engages all your senses, uplifts your soul as as you will be ushered and welcomed to this sector by the energetic roar from the kings of the jungle, of tis amazing destination covered by the savanna woodland vegetation, and also enjoying the beautiful and blissful landscape, Ishasha sector has got a number of tree climbing lions and mostly climb these trees to get the full and complete relaxation, in these trees as on the ground, they will always be disturbed by insects, These lions normally also climb the trees during the hot hours just to get the shade, the pride of over tem members will climb the tree branches that favors their relaxation. Ishasha has remained one of the top highlights of any safari that is done around queen Elizabeth national park. You would always be asking yourself, that the lions are not able to climb the trees? Even without the hands, legs or the knowledge to climb the trees, its just easy, Just Book a Ugandan Safari

The Ishasha sector in queen Elizabeth national park is most famous because of these tree climbing lions which is of of africa’s rare sighting and just know that the tree climbing lions can only be found in two places in Africa and the entire world, they are only found in Ishasha sector of queen Elizabeth national park, and Lake Manyara National Park found in Tanzania. However other animals will be sighted in northern part of queen elizabeh national park climbing trees, in Murchion Falls national Park, in Kidepo valley national park. Just to remind you once again, Lions are one of the big five mammals.

While in Ishasha sector, you do not only look at lions, but also that game drive offers you a chance to see other animals like the Elephants, Bufaloes, Antelopes, Red river hog and many others, the beautiful landscapes also gives you an opportunity to feel the strongest reason for your visit to queen Elizabeth national park.

A number of birds can also be seen during your visit to Ishasha sector, and these include; Robin-chats, African thrush, Yellow-billed oxpeckers, Greater Honey guide, Thrilling cisticola, White browed coucal and many others, The mythical flying bats, heading to fruiting figs, can also be seen during the day time.

While in Ishasha sector, sighting the tree climbing lions is amazing as you will always see them climbing the trees aimlessly resting, as you encounter the young one (cubs) struggling to climb the tree but all in failure. Queen Elizabeth national park is one of the top and most visited national parks in Uganda for boosting the big number of wildlife, and a number of bird species of over 600. Also Kazinga channel is said to be one of the major attraction with a high concentration of hippos, crocodiles and the water birds including the African Fish eagle,  King fishers, and many others.

You can have a stay over the Ishasha sector as there is a number of  hotel from all travel styles ranging from Luxury, Mid-range and budget. These hotels/lodges some of them are located inside the park, and other are outside the park boundaries, and these lodges offer and reward you with a beautiful, silent treats with the great scenic view and ambiance that uplifts your soul and engages your minds.

You can always combine queen Elizabeth national park safari with other places like Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park, and Mgahinga Gorilla national park, where you can see the ultimate gorillas, and this is at least four hours drive from the northern sector of queen Elizabeth national park and at least 2-3 hours from the Southern Sector of queen Elizabeth national park. You can also combine the park with Kibale Forest national park for the ultimate chimpanzee tracking, and this takes you at least 2 hours drive from the Northern  part of queen Elizabeth national park and at least 4 hours from the Southern sector of the park. There are a number of places you can also visit around western circuit on your safari including the culture and others.


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