What is the best time to visit Uganda


No doubt after his visit to Uganda in, 1907, Winston Churchill in his 1908 Book entitled, ‘’My African Journey’’ referred Uganda to ‘’The Pearl of Africa. He obviously discovered the magic that is in Uganda and cannot be found in any other country on planet earth. This is the magic l want to introduce you to my dear reader. As you continue to read through, you will be amazed and left in disbelief upon the best time to visit, have a lifetime experience and memories worth to ponder upon, something to reminisce on each day of your life so as to feel alive again.

Looking for the best time to visit Uganda?

Our team of experts will always ensure that anytime of your visit in Uganda is memorable, outstanding and remarkable, as we have a team of professionals to make sure your get all the help you need to have the best experience. We help you to plan your trip.

Uganda is majorly gifted with two seasons, that is; the wet (rainy) season and dry season.

Mar-MayWetHeavy rains are frequent
Jun-AugDryRainfall can be expected
Sept-Oct Nov-DecDry DryIn both, rainfall can be expected at any moment.
   But, all these seasons favor tourism activities.
However, the climate changes most of the times, but the all tourism activities can be done at ant time of the year.

The dry season, comes with plenty of hunting to do, all the big five are out to hustle for food and see that their families are fed too. And this time of the year, the grass is really short, giving you an epic view of the wild animals in Uganda and how they relate.

Discovering we are almost related to some of these animals, you will no doubt be enticed to carry out gorilla and chimpanzee trekking so as to come face to face with these beings we assume a relationship with.

Gorillas and Uganda have a connection way beyond what you can imagine. Uganda is gifted with half of the world’s population of mountain Gorillas, interestingly, we share 98% DNA with these lovely animals.”

They almost live like any other healthy human being, 99% vegetarian, look out for their young ones, they stay in families and ;ook out for each other just as human beings do. Miss out not on the dry season, you will live to tell it all.

Gorillas look out for their own just as we human do, Travel to Uganda be thrilled from the start of the journey till the end.

Kibale National Game Park with, a home of the chimps with almost 1500 chimpanzee species

These share 97.3% DNA with the human race

best time to visit uganda

Looking for Gorilla Safari?

We have all the tailor made tours, with our professional safari guides, you will get the best one on one with the mountain gorillas in Bwindi, and Mgahinga Gorilla National parks in Uganda.

Kibale National Game Park with, a home of the chimps with almost 1500 chimpanzee species

More still, in the dry season, you may take a boat cruise to the foot of the thundering Murchison Falls

Take a game drive and see the big five (Elephant, Lion, Buffalos, Rhino and the Hippopotamus) Here still, Murchison National Game Park enables you to see all the four minus the Rhino which is popular in the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

The time to see Margarita snowcapped regardless of the hotness there is in Uganda.

In the wet season, this is the time of the year when vegetation is greener than usual and the beauty of the flowers at its best.

Natural walks at this time of year are as exciting as the birds keep singing in the trees.

My dear reader with all this, agree with me anytime is the best time to visit Uganda