Rwenzori National Park


rwenzori mountains national park

It is the mountain of the moon, high mountain covered by the snow located in the inner equatorial Africa and indicated as the source of the Nile.

The first European who has seen the mountain was sir Henry Morton Stanley, Rwenzori which means rain maker or rain mountain, in the bakonjo language, the baganda who could see the mountain range from far used to call them gambaragara which means ‘eyes pains’ a reference to the shining snows.

The first attempt to survey the Rwenzori peaks was Dr franz stuhlmann in 1891, he identified four of the six mountain groups and named them after german professor krapelin, moebius, sempe, Weismann.

The bakonjo had their own names however they had not climbed. It was difficult to clarify which peak was which, for example they had names for the three main peaks




Bakonjo the high Rwenzori is the home of kifasamba, god who resides at high attitude and cannot be accessed, luig, amedea, the duku of Abruzzi.

It was gazetted to a national park in 1991 and become known as Rwenzori National park, the head quator of the national park are in nyakele njija valleyalong the mbuku valley ,the Rwenzori comprise an extremely steep and rugged mountain range 4120km along the uganda and congo boarder.

It includes six glacies peaks Mount Stanley, mount speke, mount baker, mount Emin, mount luigi disavior, Mount Stanley with Alexandra, mount gessi, margherita and albert peaks is the highest point.

There are 70species of mammals recorded including the angola colobus, the black and white colobus.

  • Hoest monkechimpanzee
  • Forest elephant
  • Hyrax
  • Leapord
  • Yellow backed duiker
  • Golden cat
  • Genet
  • Gaint forest hog
  • Bush buck

They can be found in the lower mountain zone.

There are 241species of birds recorded and 19 of them are endemic like

  • Rwenzori turaco
  • Malachite sun bird
  • The king tailed cuckoo
  • Long eared owl
  • Handsome francolin
  • Cinnamon chested bee-eater
  • Robin montane
  • Black eagle

The Rwenzori is most known especially for its extra-ordinary flora and different vegetation zones and these include:

  • Mountain forest zone
  • The bamboo zones
  • The health and rapenea zone
  • The Alpine zone with everlasting flowers.


  • Margherita hotel
  • White horse
  • Sandton hotel
  • Spring international hotel
  • Ruboni community camp
  • Marafiki safari lodge


  • Mount Stanley
  • Mount gessi
  • Mount speke
  • Margherita peak
  • Equatorial snow peaks
  • Land of the triffids
  • Lakes
  • Vegetation
  • Wildlife
  • Birds


  • Bird watching
  • Volcano climbing
  • Hiking
  • Cultural encounter in Rwenzori
  • Nature wallk
  • Ruboni community camp


There are two routs

From Kampala via mubende to fort portal which is 300km can take visitors about four hours.

From Kampala via masaka-mbarara-bushenyi to kasese which is about 350km can take tourist roughly 6hours, this route is conceivably more exciting as it goes through lake mburo national park exceptional queen Elizabeth.