In the post, we are giving you some information about the Light Up Africa, because they one of the Orphanages in Uganda, and we love their work, because they care for a poor African child. Read more below!


We are an African None Profit Organization based in Uganda, and started in year 2018 after seeing that there was a need for the orphans who loose hope and end up dying because of no hope, yet there is a capacity to restore their hopes.

There are a number of Orphanages in Uganda, but because the target has not yet been met, we thought it good to join the rest in joining this campaign and we work with the number of the organizations like the tour companies because they offer much support to us.

Because there are many children who loose their parents to a number of reasons like death due to the accidents, the diseases, and many others, the number problems raise against these children, and so we should work together, to help them.


We have a number of children, who need this support, but currently due to the capacity that we have, we have registered at least 246 children, who we support with a number of needs like the shelter, clothes, medication, school fees, and many others. Among these children, we help some of them partly and others full sponsorship.

Because we are mostly basing in south western Uganda we are still fighting for the expansion, and we are opening more branches to other parts of the country, to be able to help more and more as many keep requesting, which is now beyond our capacity, but as we are still getting more donors, we hope to keep registering more as our target is to help over 40,000 orphans.


Well, we get many calls and emails from these children through the village leaders, district leaders and also some tour companies, which also support us in this cause but because in most cases we are not able to reach out to them. So we also have a good team that goes down on the ground to make a research and see if there could be any children who need help.


We work with the number of organizations, and we only allow and accept donations through organizations, like the NGOs, the government, tour companies and others. Some tour companies sell tour packages and safaris of which part of the profits is given to us for supporting these kids in the villages, and in full amount or items. Thanks so much for supporting the orphanages in Uganda.

Would you like to reach out to us/ you can send us an email on or else, talk to us on the Facebook page “Light Up Africa Orphanage” and seethe updates about our products.


We thank you all for supporting an African poor child.

CHOOSE ANY OF THE TOURS BELOW, and the profits will be taken to the orphanage, use or send us the code on (LUAO-KT) we shall automatically book the quotation in favor of Light Up Africa Orphanage. Check below!

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