Kazinga channel is located in queen Elizabeth national park and connects lakes EDWARD and GEORGE. Kazinga channel is a main feature as its in the middle of the southern and northern sectors of the park. Its about 40km long from Lake Edward and Lake George.

kazinga channel

A gurgle of foamy bubbles and the irresistible sounds of nature cause your captain to gently swerve to the left. The channel’s shore part to unleash the mind healing beauty encounter of the mammal and bird haven. Your camera lenses are attracted to capture the moment. You are a guest in the KAZINGA CHANNEL, the realm of the hippo.

The lakes are named after Queen Victoria’s son, King Edward VII, and his successor, King George V. the channel is a dominant feature of Queen Elizabeth National Park based in the western region of Uganda covering an area of 1,978 Kilometres2.

Lake George is fed by streams from the RwenzoriMountains and it’s out flow drains into Lake Edward, via the Kazinga channel. Lake George’s 250 kilometer2surface area is almost ten times smaller than that of its larger neighbor, Lake Edward (2325 Kilometre2). The channel itself has a maximum depth of 8 metres.

The two lakes connected by the channel are some of the natural wonders that support the existence of a variety of wild life and plant life in the medley of wonders.

The KAZINGA CHANNEL is a home to a wide range of animals including one of the largest concentrations of the world’s largest third land mammals, the hippos and uncountable Nile crocodiles. Embarking on your trip through the adventurous Kazinga Channel as nature has intended, you can also expect to see elephants, buffaloes and over 100 bird species including the pied kingfisher, black bee-eater, yellow billed stork, pink-backed pelican among others.

Climb a board to explore the pristine natural environment of the KAZINGA CHANNEL that will panoramically be viewed on a boat cruise down the course of the channel or most likely at the entrance of the spectacular Lake Edward. Soak up with mesmerizing sights of water drinking elephants and bathing buffaloes as an expert ranger guides you through the flora and fauna of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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From the sprawling edges, to the soul lifting views, the one on one with the most iconic moments is the most unforgettable experience you could have on your African safari. Start planning your trip with our safari experts.

The Boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel is extremely rewarding and among the finest launch trips in the country. As well as seeing, the fascinating mammals, you will get a glance at one of the eleven fishing villages that are located within the medley of wonders.

Intending to be a home away from home, the strategically located Mweya Safari Lodge on the Mweya Peninsula within the heart of Queen Elizabeth National Park, is the perfect base for your adventures through the blossoms of nature in the Kazinga Channnel. The lodge was formally a government building prior to being converted into a large hotel.

The central location is perfect for hopping on Kazinga Channel boat trips and the beautiful sceneries of the distant flora merging into Lake George and Lake Edward are breath-taking.

Getting to the KAZINGA CHANNEL,

The journey from Kampala is 408 Kilometers via the A109, and it takes around 7-8 hours. It is as well possible to reduce the journey time by flying. Daily flights operate from Entebbe International Airport to Kasese district or Kihihi in Kannungu in western Uganda and it takes around an hour and a half.

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