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10 Best Places Gallery In Uganda

How many national parks are in Uganda? Well, Uganda has got ten national parks and these include Murchison falls national park found in north western Uganda, Queen Elizabeth national park found in Western Uganda, Kibale national park, found in western Uganda, Semuliki national park found in western Uganda, 


Lake Mburo national park in western Uganda, Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla national parks found in South western Uganda, Rwenzori mountain national park in western part of Uganda, Mount Elgon national park, Kidepo Valley National Park, found in North Eastern Uganda.

Of all these national park, you will plan your safari and at anytime of the year, some of them like mgahinga gorilla national park, Bwindi gorilla national park, and kibale national park for chimpanzee, you will need to book your gorilla or chimpanzee tracking permits in advance. You will need to either Book them with your tour agency and they have everything organized for you.

Whereas other national parks, like the savanna national parks such as queen elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park, and others, you will only need to send the booking fee for the accommodations and the rest of the see can be paid on arrival.

In Uganda, there is a good number of tours and safari guides always ready to take you to your desired safari destinations as your are being guided to the most interesting places.



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