hot air balloon safari

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Have you been been wondering about taking a solo adventure on a hot air balloon safari to Uganda for the wildlife, boat cruising and many others. The eye view to the wildlife would be a great deal for your adventure. We have got your dreams come true, unlike other activities like the game drives, boat cruises; we got your curiosity covered. You have been thinking of the hot air balloon in Kenya, South Africa, or Egypt, Uganda has it all.

From the fascinating ranges of the stunning mountains and hills, to the most fantastic Arial and eye view of the wildlife, from the great and remarkable moment with the ultimate gorillas / chimpanzees, our closest cousins to the  most lifetime and glimpse moment of the wildlife, once in a lifetime adventure awaits, while on a hot air balloon safari

There are a number of spectacular wildlife and nature to see during this safari in the skies. While on this regular cone shaped and while in Murchison falls national park, during this Hot air balloon safari, you will be able to see a number of wildlife that include the prides of Lions, herds of Buffaloes, herds of Elephants, antelopes and many others.

You will as well take a look at the beautiful mighty Murchison falls viewing from the skies, a moment that engages your minds and uplifts your soul, as combined with this unforgettable wildlife encounter.  The size of the balloon depends on how much air it can accommodate, and the more the amount of air, the more the number of passengers.

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