Cultural Tours In Uganda

Uganda is a home of amazing cultural tours, here you will experience a lot in Uganda’s cultural tours. As Uganda has over 54 tribes, from different corners, and with different cultural activities and the behaviors.

In all these tribes, Buganda is the largest tribe with the biggest size, The Baganda, who populate the northern shore of Lake Victoria, constitute the largest single ethnic group in Uganda, making up about 17% of the total population. The Basogo 8%; the Iteso 8%; and the Langi 6%. Perhaps 6% of the population (not counting refugees) is of Rwandan descent, either Tutsi or Hutu.

A few years ago, New vision carried out research on a total of 248 people asking them which tribe in Uganda is the most Romantic. Surprisingly, respondents overwhelmingly gave this crown to Baganda, followed by Batoro and then Banyankole. But women voted for the Acholi for the third position instead.

Other tribes include the bagisu, Acholi, and others found in eastern Uganda. However in this article, we are much interested in the #Kigezi culture,

Kigezi is found in south western Uganda, in Kisoro, Kabale, Kanungu, and this region is bordering DRC Congo and #Rwanda, Kigezi is a home for amazing culture, where we find tribes including #Bafumbira, Bakiga, and they almost share the same cultural activities


As you know well that kigezi is a home for over 50% of Uganda’s touristic destinations, as its a home for over 51% of world’s gorilla population, it is a place you cold also visit for the rich cultural activities. For example, on your 3 Days Gorilla tracking experience, you got a chance to also encounter the cultures.

Also, on your 5 days Ultimate gorilla and Wildlife Safari in Queen Elizabeth national park and Bwindi / Mgahinga national park, you got a chance to enjoy the amazing wildlife in queen Elizabeth national park, the ultimate gorillas in bwindi gorilla national park, and here in bwindi or mgahinga gorilla national park, and here you got to encounter the most amazing, engaging and fascinating cultural activities like local dances, and these will always be done by the batwa, bakiga and other local communties.

“The truth be told, on our trips, every before and after any gorilla tracking experience, there is a group of locals ready to offer the entertainment, with amazing local dances that will always keep you connected to this beautiful tribe” Keneth. A part from the local dances, in kigezi, you got an opportunity to visit the locals, where you will be engaged in many of their activities, like dances, homestays, farming activities, local beer fermentation, marriage activities (if you request for the arrangements) and many others.

On your visit to kigezi, you will notice that mostly they are farmers, where you will always find the banana plantation, sorghum, millets, maize, potatoes, and many others. You got a chance to test any of the local crops, as you feel the breath of kigezI.




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