Covid-19 updates in Uganda, Effects on tourism Industry

Covid-19 updates in Uganda

Uganda is one of the countries that were hardly hit by covid-19 more especially, the tourism industry, music and events, and education sector. Its been almost two years since covid-19 attacked the world and Uganda. more than millions of people have dies, Uganda has lost over 700 people with Covid-19, and this is why we would wish to always offer the Covid-19 updates in Uganda.

More thank 200,000 jobs in tourism and hospitality industry were lost, a lot of people lost their jobs, and indeed tourism is bleeding. However, we see tourism coming back slowly slowly, as we are receiving a number of inquiries and questions about Uganda’s wildlife, covid-19 status in Uganda, and many others, hence giving hopes to tourism fraternity. Its our responsibility to know about the Covid-19 updates in Uganda or the entire world.

We therefore, encourage travelers to make their bookings, as Uganda is ready for visit, however one needs to have been fully vaccinated, or if not, there will be a PCR test at the airport, which will be expected to be negative.

Vaccination overviewFrom Our World in Data · Last updated: 2 days ago Uganda Uganda as of today 27/06/2021

Doses givenFully vaccinated% of population fully vaccinated


Doses givenFully vaccinated% of population fully vaccinated
2.92B2,920,000,000+36.5M+36,500,000819M 819,000,000+4.32M+4,320,00010.5%10.5%+0.1%+0.1%

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