Charity Organizations in Uganda,


Active Africa Hopes is one of the Charity organizations in Uganda based in Uganda Kampala, helping and ensuring that there is much hopes for the hapless.

Donate to Orphans!

We have got more that 2 million orphans in Uganda that need your help for scholastic materials, foods, home and shelter and others.

Uganda has over 46 million people and most of them are young people, some of them are having no parents, young children, who need to be assisted in a number of things.

According to UNICEF, over 2 millions are orphans where their parents die of diseases, accidents and they are left hanging.

Charity organizations in Uganda have tried to come in and facilitate these orphans, including the private companies, like tour companies, government bodies, well wishers and many others. So Active Africa Hopes is one of the charity organizations in Uganda that are working hard to help these orphans.