Welcome to Uganda, and our Car hire service page in particular, as we are your tours nd travel partner in Uganda, we have a number of cars much ready for hire as you will need specific cars to help you out on specific road in East Africa. Uganda has go many roads, and some of them are rough and others are smooth and friendly for drive.

Land cruiser

Some roads in Uganda will need you to really use a 4*4 vehicle which is believed to be much more stronger when driving on muddy places, more especially when you are getting to drive out of Kampala city road, you need a strong car. Car hire in Uganda is one of the most sensitive services we are really keen on as we understand you need the best while planning for your transportation.

We have a number of cars ranging from small cars, like Toyota wish, Raumu, Spacios, Mark X, Premos and many other small cars are much more ready for hire. Others cars include the luxury cars like the land cruisers, range rover hot sport and many others. When it comes to safari vans/cars, we understand your needs, because out team of transportation experts, is much ready for offering and recommending on what car you need for a particular journey.

Mark X & Harrier

Our vehicles normally go with or without drivers, as our team too is professionally trained and equipped with knowledge about transport driving, clients handling and others. We are sure that they really know the places, and more about the touristic destinations and activities.

A part from Safaris, Travel and flight bookings, visa processing and many others, we have got a number fleet cars for hire. These range from Tourist cars, Solon cars, Wedding cars, Cargo trucks, and vans, School shuttles and many others.

Safari Prado Landcruiser


Wbue have the wedding cars ready for hire and we do allow them to operate in in Uganda, where others can take you within East Africa. Our wedding cars range from benz , wish, mark X, small and big one, from all sizes (It will depend on your choice. Our wedding cars will always go with professional drivers,

We also help in branding cars corresponding to the wedding.

Wedding Cars


Cargo Trucks

We have got a number of fleets when it comes to the cargo trucks, we have got trucks with FRIDGES and others without FRIDGES, and these move both within Kampala, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. We have good drivers, trained, and equipped with knowledge, about the driving mechanism, client handling, car maintenance, cargo handling, routes and roads, locations, and many others. This means that with our drivers on the truck, your products are safe and free from thefty, destruction and other harmful acts.

We also have self drive trucks and this can be done on an agreement or contract, as when you agree on terms and conditions, we give you and you take your own driver. Car hire in Uganda


Mark X

Salon Car

We have a number of small cars for both town service and upcountry run, and these range from very small size to relatively big size. These include Wish and this accommodates a total number of 7 people. We have others like Raumu, Spacio, and these are new and ordinary shape. These sits in up to four people as the main siting capacity. Others include Mark X, Premo New modle, Filder and many others. These small cars can be hire on self-drive, and this can be done with an agreement or contract signed between a client and the company.


Mark X

Toyota Wish

Toyota Raum



Prado TX

Toyota Wish

Harrier Kawundo

Toyota Drone

Safari Van

Toyota Drone Hiace



Landcruiser V8

Double Cabin

Small Cars, (Wish, Spacio, Filder
Raumu, Passo, Premo, Platz
Mark X, and others)
Ugx 120,000From Ugx 140,000
Safari cars 4*4 ( Prado, Land cruiser
Super customs, Safari Vans, and others)
From Ugx 140,000+From Ugx 150,000+
Luxury Cars ( Landcruiser V8, VX, TX, TXL
Range Rover, Benz, and others)
From Ugx 800,000From Ugx 1,200,000+
Cargo TrucksFrom Ugx 600,000From Ugx 700,000
COASTER BUSES (30 Seater)From Ugx 270,000From Ugx 320,000
BUSESFrom Ugx 900,000From Ugx 1,000,000
MOTOCYCLESFrom Ugx 40,000
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