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Best Restaurants in Kampala

Restaurants in Kampala .  Kampala is a capital city of Uganda and one of the Africa’s busiest cities. It has got a number of restaurants, both local and international. Uganda is known for having both local and international foods/resuarants, where you can get any menu on almost every town in the whole country. 

Uganda hosts both Indian restaurants, Korean restaurants, English restaurants, Local restuarants and many others.

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  1. Cafe Javas-Within Kmapala with many branches
  2. KFC Restaurant-Within Kampala with many branches
  3. Faze 2-Kololo and Entebbe
  4. Cafe Endiro-Muyenga
  5. Paradiso-Muyenga
  6. Caferoma-Muyenga
  7. Muyenga International Hotel 2000
  8. Marz Cafe
  9. Prunnes 
  10. Miso Garden
  11. Great Indian Dhaba and Khana Khazana-Kololo

  12. Que Pasa
  13. Cafesserie
  14. Olives
  15. La’ Patisserie-Nsambya 
  16. Karibu Grill Lounge-Bugolobi
  17. Chicken Tonight
  18. Mama Mia
  19. Bguma Restuarant
  20. Lawns Restuarant
  21. Uhuru Restuarant-Kampala town
  22. Kati Kati Restuarant
  23. Mystil 
  24. Omukago Cafe
  25. Seven Seas-Kampala Sheraton
  26. 7 Hills Revolving Restaurant-Yusuf Rule road
  27. Panamera Restuarant-Buganda Road
  28. Amagara Cafe Bistro
  29. Yujo Izakaya
  30. Haandi Restuarant at the Commercial Building
  31. Piato Resturant at theLumumba Avenue
  32. Mediterraneo -Acacia Avenue
  33. Tamarai Restuarant-Kololo
  34. La Cabana-Wampewo Avenue
  35. Fang Fang Chineese Restuarant-Cinvue Avenue
  36. The Roots Restuarant
  37. Ethiopian Village -Kabalagala
  38. Go Fish Restuarant
  39. Le Chateau Brasserie Belge-Gaba R0ad Plot 1272
  40. Biryan House India & Continental Restuarant
  41. Capital Kitchen Kampala-Kampala Road
  42. Masaal Chat House-De Winton Street
  43. Raves-Kiira Road
  44. The Water Restuarant & Bar-Clement Hill
  45. Vitamin Cafe-Centinary Park Opposite Electoral Commission
  46. Indigo Restuarant-Nakasero
  47. Impala Heights- Martin Road
  48. Ashiana Restuarant-Plot 32 Hunter Avenue
  49. 2k Restuarant-Hoima Road
  50. Furaha Restuarant-Makerere Hill
  51. Kabila Country Club
  52. Shaka Zulu Restuarant
  53. Pearl Of Africa Restuarant

With these few, within kampala, you can get the best meal for your refreshments, and have it all done. With this local food, you will enjoy. Restaurants in Kampala are more good and nice for your refreshments, coffee, soft drink or even the whisk because they offer the best accommodation in nature, and sweet and fast foods.

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