best places to visit in uganda

Best Places to visit in Uganda

 Best places to Visit in Uganda

best places to visit in uganda

Uganda, the pearl of Africa, is a home for a number of wildlife that attracts many tourists from different parts of the world to come and enjoy the beautiful sceneries. And Uganda was basically named as the pearl of Africa, because of a lot of interesting and fantastic landscapes and abundant wildlife.

So with 10 protected national parks, and the 12 wildlife reserves, you have got a very big reason to book your flight and get your bookings made, taking and adventure in Uganda.

Murchison Falls

  1. The mighty  Murchison Falls National Park offers you the glimpse moment, as you spend this remarkable and memorable moment just close to the powerful water falls, as you feel the raindrops, while they jump over you.  showering you and wetting your clothes, as they offer you the most stunning view while you observe the misty like nature.
  2. You will also enjoy the unforgettable boat cruise that takes approximately 2-3 hours, cruising towards the falls, just stopping at Sir Samuel Baker’s Rock.  You will also enjoy the game drive where you will be always able to observe and see a number of animals like the dozens of elephants, buffaloes, pairs of beautiful birds, herds of elephants, antelopes, prides of Lions, and many others.

While on the boat cruise, you will also be able to see a number of animals like the Hippos, Crocodiles, many animals like the buffaloes, elephants as they drink water, the water birds like the kingfishers, African fish eagle and many others.  You wouldn’t miss out witnessing the beautiful landscapes, the amazing and fascinating view of the wildlife and many others.  Murchison falls National Park is Uganda’s biggest national park. Welcome once again to Murchison Falls National Park.

Kibale NP

  • The (Primate Capital of the World) Kibale National Park. also offers you the best primate experience as you will be experiencing the forest walk, while observing the chimpanzees as they play and interact in their habitants.
  • While taking a walk through this tropical Rain forest, you will be able to see a number of birds too. other primates like the monkeys, olive baboons, and many others.
  • You will feel at home because you will physically witness the interaction between the chimps, and as you take thousands of pictures for memories. This is a moment to remember.
  • While in Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorilla National parks, you will also experience the fantastic moments as you witness the interactions of the wild
  • Ultimate mountain gorillas, while enjoying the gorilla tracking, combined with the balcony view of the beautiful landscapes, with the amazing and soul lifting cultural activities. These two national parks are both located in south western Uganda.

On your safari

  • On your five days adventure, why not planning for a 5 Days Wildlife & Gorilla Safari , where you can combine the Queen Elizabeth national park and Bwindi / Mgahinga Gorilla National Park! . because here you be expecting to engage in a number of activities like the 
    Gorilla tracking, game drives and tree climbing lions tracking, boat cruises, cultural encounter and many others.
  • Are you a mountain climbing fan? You also got to experience the mystical challenge as you take the 9 days climbing challenge along . Mount Rwenzori located in Western part of Uganda.  You can also enjoy and experience the mountain hiking from Mount Elgon, located in Eastern part of Uganda.
  • The amazing culture of Uganda is also an amazing experience you would not miss out, while on your safari in Uganda.  Uganda has got a number of cultural diversity with more than 50 tribes, and each tribe wit its own cultural act ivies. Their activities differ from the the language, dances, foods, marriage procedures, farming, and many others.

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