Uganda the pearl of africa

Uganda, The Pearl Of Africa- Hafasha Keneth

October 9, 2019
Uganda, the Pearl of Africa
This was named by Winston Churchill in his popular book which was entitled *My African Journey*
He did so mostly when he saw the magnficience, colour, life of pople, a number of birds, reptiles, mammals, vegetation, and many others.
Since then, Uganda is amazed by the beauty of most wonderous things and natural wonders which make a highly growing number of tourists to come to Uganda and they definitely fall in love with the nature of this Pearl of Africa.
Among the others were John Hanning Speke and Richard Burton who also visited and explored Uganda in year 1858, and they were amazed when they found the beauty of Uganda.
John Hanning Hanning discovered lake Victoria,
These people were also surprised by the cultural of people where they saw a number of cultures along the Kampala city streets.
We also have Henry Morton who also visited Uganda among the first explorers, and one of the explores to refer Uganda as the Pearl of Africa. They were also amazed by the happy, and welcoming people of Uganda who used to always look colourful.
On tourism, we consider uganda indeed the Pearl of Africa not only because these explores named it before, but also when we look at all that Uganda has been gifted with, we feel much interested in renaming it the Pearl of Africa indeed.
Among the thing that make it the Pearl of Africa, we see the bio diverse, the most welcoming people, with the beautiful cultures.
When you visit Kampala city and other parts of Uganda, as you look as People, you see them dressing in different colors, and it makes them unique, and these people from Uganda are so welcoming.
Uganda is blesses with the most beautiful nature.
Uganda has got a  total number of 10 national park including, Murchison falls national park which is Uganda’s biggest and oldest national park, Kidepo valley national Park, Mount Elgon National Park, Queen Elizabeth national Park, Kibale national Park, lake mburo national Park, Bwindi impenetrable forest national Park, Mgahinga gorilla national Park, and a big number of game reserves.
Murchison falls national park is one of Uganda most likes national park due to its most rewarding, and great activities liked by many tourists, for example a day in Murchison falls is a day to remember, when you enter the park you will always be welcome and amazed by the sturbon baboons, from all gates of the park,
As you enter the park, you will start hearing the sights and sounds of singing birds and other insects, there you know that you are already into the jungle of the Pearl of Africa,
Few km away from the gate, you will find the Murchison falls where it’s noted that over 300 cubic meters of water forced its way through a narrow gap of only 7m wide.
A number of wild animals which includes the lions, leopards, elephants, herd of bufalloes,  and many other and these are always seen when you always plan for your morning game safari inside the park which we call a Game drive.
Also when you feel like still demanding, a number of boats are always waiting along the river Nile shores where they take you riding along the river nile as you will see other animals like the hippos, crocodiles, and also wild animals that come to drink water.
Uganda is also blessed with a number of mountain Gorilla which are besically found in both Mgahinga and Bwindi forests.
Uganda has got a number of chimpanzee and these can be found in Kibale forest national park, kyambura in queen Elizabeth national Park, and also Budongo in Murchison falls national park.
Generally, a name the Pearl of Africa is correct and Uganda indeed is the Pearl of Africa.
She has been blessed with a lot of things that make many people both from inside and outside Uganda.
If you have never been here , we there fore advise that you plan for your safari,
Uganda, the most rewarding,
Uganda, the most fascinating home of wonders,
Uganda, the most great and welcoming People,
Uganda, my country,
Uganda, my motherland,
Uganda, a home of the big five mammals,
Uganda, the Pearl of Africa,
Uganda, the home for the most rewarding, fascinating, stunning, perfect and great views of the most beautiful and green hill, Savana grasslands, vegetation and many others
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Proudly Ugandan.

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