Uganda popularly know as the pearl of Africa and this name is not a showbee brand but rather it deserves it with her beautiful national parks.

Nicknamed The Pearl of Africa, the landlocked country of Uganda attracts many visitors from different parts of the world

each year who become fascinated with its rich culture, diversity of people, exotic wildlife and rich ecosystems. The country boasts some beautiful national parks that are home to a variety of plants, birds and animal species. We feature ten national parks that will make you fall in love with Uganda.

The wonderland of ours has many things to do when you’re  in it.

With over 10 national parks, queen elizabeth nationap park, kidepo valley national park, murchison falls national park, mt. elgon national park,

Bwindi impenetrable national park, mgahinga gorilla national park, mt. rwenzori national park, kibale national park, semuliki national park, among others,

Uganda is also a home for over 1078 bird species, and a number of mammals.

A number of beautiful and interesting cultures in uganda will also leave a smile on your face with a lot of excitement, and other game reserve counting up to 12 of them.

Enjoy the boat rides along the beautiful waters of uganda like the source of the nile in murchison falls national park that connects to jinja.

Kazinga channel that is found in queen elizabeth national park in western uganda, among others.