Visit the Batwa In Southwestern Uganda

March 14, 2019
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[tourmaster_tour_category filter-type=”tour_category” num-fetch=”3″ style=”grid” column-size=”3″ thumbnail-size=”full” ]The batwa in kisoro are known to be the first people to live in kisoso district,

They are th original habitants in kisoro and its known that they were related to the Bambutu found in Mt. Rwenzori, while the bambutu is said to be the second group of people that arrived in kisoro district known as bufumbira,

These batwa are known for not having traditionsof the early migratons because the are the first people to live in kisoro and east africa in general.

visit the batwa in kisoro south western uganda

They are few in kisoro/ bufumbira and they are found around kisoro town and in places of Mgahinga around Mt. Muhabura just close to the mountain gorillas, you could actually combine the batwa trail tour with gorilla tracking,

The cultures of batwa was so confusing that even on one would ever see the Mutwa’s grave and how their wedding celemonies were organised,

The story of batwa is so interesting that they remind you about the past by their way of dancing and other activities, however, some of the batwa were relocated and they live together with the bahutu,

Join us on our safari to kisoro for these beautiful activities and we have this memory together, its really unforgettable.

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