Kidepo valley national park is the uganda’s most isolated national park found around karamoja in the north eastern  part of uganda and its close to kenya and south sudan in the farthest extremity of the remote, sparsely populated part of uganda.

hyenasKidepo valley national park is among the africa’s wilderness and roamed by much big game favourites extending towards the rugged mountains in all points of the campus.

Kidepo valley national park is also rich in much cultural interests and its plains are dotted with the manyattas (homestays) occupied by the KAJAMOJA people and there people are pastralists ie, they are cattle layers.

Kidepo valley national park has a  number of animals, in semi arid environment. With over 1442 square km, this park inhabits over 86 mammals, and over 475 bird species, A part from queen elizabeth national park, with chettahs, kidepo has a number of chettahs, bat eared fox, striped hyaena, caracal white erland, zebra (also found in lake mburo national park).


This is one of the longest distance covered when visiting uganda national park, a road rip is somehow extinct and has a lot of conditions therefore it needs a 4WD.

This covers over 571km from kampala, the capital city of uganda, and driving take approximately 8-10 hours by the road.

Whwn you travel to kidepo via kitgum district, on your return you may passby the PIAN UPE wild reserve wich is close to mount Elgon national park.

There are also domestic flights arranged from kajjansi airstrip and entebbe international airport.

The following are the activities done in kidepo valley national park,

Nurus valley game drive where you will be able to see a number of animals like the chettah, hyeanas, lions, giraffe among others,

Nature walks: This will reward you with an opportunity for a guided walk range from short walks around APOK REST CAMP and others,.

Bird watching: There are very experienced bird guide who will receive you and take you through a number of bird species.



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