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August 20, 2019


Kabaka’s lake is found in the central Uganda, Kampala, a few kilometers from the city center and it was established in 1884-1888 by the king Kabaka Mwanga ll.

It is Uganda’s biggest man made lake and it occupies around 2 square km and its around 200m deep, and this was being used by the king for swimming and fishing activities.

This lake was also used to bring water to his home, and also an escape waterway in a situation where there would be any attack by an enemy or any conflict by the British  and even other territorial enemies from mengo to munyoyo.

This lake was constructed using the hoes and the hands by the servants and other people from buganda, and mostly everyone would be involved in this event everyday and it would be a must by everyone.

This lake is a home for over a big number of animals, plants and bird species like; cattle egrets, African Open Billed Stork, Long tailed cormorant, Yellow billed stork, Common Moorhen, Sacred Ibis, Black headed weaver, Great blue starling, Piapiac and many others.

This lake is surrounded by a round road in that one can make a tour and drives around this lake,

Given other economic activities, our guides managed to find young men carrying out some fishing and they could get some small fish, but for other activities, its not common due to a lot of dirt due to inflow of a lot of rubbish gathering from different parts of the city.

We also managed to site out washing bays where a lot of tucks and vehicles are washed and they also dump a lot of dirt in this lake.

visit kabaka’s lake








This lake has got a lot of dirt from different parts and gathers into this lake, making life for the animals living in this lake too bad and hard for them, like fish, birds and plants.

However, something could be done to make a better conservation around this lake, for example putting up a fence that keeps this lake safe and not exposed to anyone at any time,

Also putting up good buildings, around this lake, good hotels, accommodations, gardens and many other facilities that will always attract people but because this place is not conserved, few people will be attracted in carrying out their businesses from around.

There should also be a good conservation by monitoring every point that brings in water to this lake because much of this water is full of dirt.

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REPORTED BY: H. Keneth, a Guide


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2 thoughts on “VISIT KABAKA’S LAKE

  1. hafasha
    August 22, 2019

    There should also be a good conservation by monitoring every point that brings in water to this lake because much of this water is full of dirt.

  2. Allan agaba
    August 22, 2019

    In this place they should gazette it or either face it due to the fact that every individual has his or her intentions of either consrve or exploit where by i obsrved that some people use it as a waste dispossal area of which it is not .
    The place should be planted with more trees which would as well serve as bleeding areas for birds, and here i found out that birds are dying being killed by other bird spacies lile cattle eaglets where they are congested in some tries and other birds find them selves competing for the same place.
    People around this place should be sencitised about the major motives of this lake and how to conserve it in order to reduce gabbage deposites in the lake and also the washing bay for the cars should be extended away far from the lake to avoid oil desposal within the lake which affects most live of insects and water its self plus the silver fish where by they are limitted to oxgyen that is cut off by the oil thus end up lossing some fish around this lake.
    #Allan agaba tour guide

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