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Uganda Welcomes New Baby Gorilla

October 17, 2019
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On a day 16th October 2019, a new baby gorilla is born. in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park.

Uganda’s oldest mountain gorilla gives birth to a baby gorilla and this has excited the uganda wildlife authority, uganda tour operators, uganda tour guides and other tourism stakeholders.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Mbwebwe Peter, the Uganda Wildlife Authority Tourism Warden for Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park, he confirmed the birth of this bounching baby gorilla and he shown much happiness and excitement.

The warden also confirmed the mother and the baby gorilla are in a very good health and condition.

This oldest mountain gorilla was first tracked in April year 1993 and this is was the first time the gorilla tracking safaris started selling.

Businza, (the mother gorilla to the baby) is found in the group of gorillas named Mubare group.

The number of gorillas in the whole world in especially uganda, rwanda, and DRC Congo is approximately 1000 members according to the pending results from the park authorities.

The new baby gorilla’s birth has put much happiness on uganda’s image again, and as you look at tour operators and tour guides in uganda are much happy for the news.

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is counting a big number of gorillas in habituated groups that enables the growth of tourism in uganda.

This has come just after uganda decided to increase the costs of mountain gorilla tracking permits from $600 to $700, just only $100 added but this is to start next year of 2020.

Uganda has got a big number of gorilla tracking safaris and tours and sells much more throughout the year of which one can combine the Ultimate gorilla tracking with wildlife safari, or Gorilla tracking with Chimpanzee.

Gorilla tracking earns much  more for uganda’s revenue through selling gorilla tracking permits, though part of the money got from the gorilla permits is used to conserve the national parks ensuring safety and health of these mountain gorillas and other wild animals from other national park.

All ugandans and tourists who come to uganda are therefore reminded that we get all this through proper conservation. What does this mean? We have been rewarded with beautiful nature, and breathtaking adventures, therefore every one is advised to conserve the nature.

As Kenlink Tours And Travel, we congratulate our oldest mountain gorilla , Businza for giving birth to a new baby gorilla, we stand with the public, ministry of tourism, wildlife and antiquities, Uganda tourism board, Uganda wildlife authority, uganda tour operators, uganda tour guides all visitors who have ever visited the gorillas and uganda in particular, and other tourism stakeholder for the good news received. We stand to work with everyone in tourism for a better conservation and environment. “Hafasha Keneth, CEO Kenlink Tours And Travel said”

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