The Uganda martyrs Namugongo shrine is one place that is know for blessings. The word ‘Namugongo’ was relieved from ‘Mugongo’ which means the back,

When the young men were being held and taken , they used to say they are being taken with the back hence calling it Namugongo.

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On the day of June 3rd , over 32 men were killed by king of Buganda Kabaka Mwanaga II and they were burnt to death.

Some were killed before reaching to namugongo, like Mathia Mulumba who was killed from Kampala town down city.

The martyrs at namugongo shrine

Christians took this place now like a blessing together with Munyonyo, due to the faith these people had, they call it w blessing and the visit the place annually for national prayers.

Among the martyrs there was;;

  1. Achilleus Kiwanuka
  2. Adolphus Ludigo-Mukasa
  3. Ambrosius Kibuuka
  4. Anatoli Kiriggwajjo
  5. Andrew Kaggwa
  6. Antanansio Bazzekuketta
  7. Bruno Sserunkuuma
  8. Charles Lwanga
  9. Denis Ssebuggwawo Wasswa
  10. Gonzaga Gonza
  11. Gyavira Musoke
  12. James Buuzaabalyaawo
  13. John Maria Muzeeyi
  14. Joseph Mukasa
  15. Kizito
  16. Lukka Baanabakintu
  17. Matiya Mulumba
  18. Mbaga Tuzinde
  19. Mugagga Lubowa
  20. Mukasa Kiriwawanvu
  21. Nowa Mawaggali
  22. Ponsiano Ngondwe

There was a small water body from where what we call murders used to wash their knives, after killing the young men, and now thus place has water which they collected, and this water is considered to be having blessings,

Namugongo shrine water for blessing

Christian go in and fetch this water for the blessings, its also maintained and kept clean, and this water was prayed for by over three popes, ie, John Paul II who visited Uganda I 1993, Paul VI who’s visited Uganda in 1996 and Pope Francis who also visited Uganda in 2015.

Every year, over 2 million people from different countries flow to namugongo shrine for the annual national prayer,

People walk for over 2 weeks from different parts of uganda for example, christians from kisoro district found in south western uganda walk for over 650 km and they have their way to namugongo.

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