The main touristic attractions in Kibale national park are Chimps, and these are closely related to humans.

Kibale national park has affordable 3hour chimp tracking to a group of 6 people.

In touristic forest national park is found in Kibale district, and this is how you get there,

Kibale national park is also good for bird watching, it has over 335 bird species,,  for example, white bellied crested crane, Africa pitta and others,

1. By Road, You take your route to Fort portal and the after you drive to kamwenge, just near the bridge at Mpanga river.

From here, you then you drive as you follow the post showing you how you are travelling. Head the into Kanyanchu tourist center where you start getting worm welcome,

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You find the primate lodge formally known as Kanyanchu rest camp with luxury tented camp.

Near this , you also can see some community shops with cheap food,

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