Kisoro is found in south western Uganda, and this named the Switzerland of Uganda,

Kisoro district has a lot of things to do and this has made it one of the most love and popular touristic destination in Uganda.

Among the place that you can never miss when you plan your visit to Kisoro are,

The local people, the Batwa with their traditional dances, way of farming made by the people of Kisoro,

the beautiful hills and mountains, tracing the gorillas among others,

Among the things to do are,

  • Gorilla tracking,

When you visit Kisoro, the gorilla tracking is always considered he highlight of almost all the safari made to Kisoro district.

You can track the gorillas from from the the beautiful mountain of Muhavura,

this mountain is found on the the boarder of Uganda and Rwanda.

  • Canoeing or Boat riding

There are beautiful lakes in Kisoro with calm waters that gives you chances to see a lot of wildlife.

Canoeing is always good in the morning hours,

that is when the waters are calm and you will be able to spot birds on the shores,

  • Bird watching

There is an amazing birdwatching activities around the shores of lakes in Kisoro district,

This is always good I’m morning hours as you can ride your boats or canoes on the surfaces of cool and calm waters,

You will find the birds still in their habitants preparing to go and look for what to eat.

Among the birds you will find there are the African spoonbill, Pelicans, Hawks among others.

foor your cultural experience
tour the cultures in kisoro
  • Relaxing

On the shores of lakes Mutanda, thee are good places designed for  relaxation of the visitors to relax.

This provides the losing moment and you relax as you see the swinging waters,

in the cool climate as you have you fish, and other organic and health foods.

  • Fishing

As you visit the Kisoro district, you find the local boats known as canoes,

The fishermen use them for fishing activities and this fishing activity is one of the most liked activity in Kisoro,

Tourist like the activity as it looks funny and give them memorable times and the mark it the Switzerland of uganda.

local boats in western uganda at mabamba
boat cruise with kenlink
  • Hiking

Kisoro district is naturally made of many hills, that are beautiful and has a good climate for every one to appreciate,

Mountain hiking is one of the activities made in Kisoro, these beautiful mountains are all over in kigezi region including those also of Kabale.

You can arrange your nature walk with these green and beautiful hills of Kisoro.

Its always good in into on morning or evening time when there is no sunshine.

South western Uganda has it for you,
Western hills so beautiful,
  • Where to stay

There are many hotels, lodges, and campsites you can have your accommodation from.

This makes it so special when you are in Kisoro because the climate is all over beautiful and the breathtaking of the nature view.

There are many hotels for the best accommodation like Golden monkey hotel, Tourist hotel, Virunga hotel among others,

Book your tour and we visit Kisoro,

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