Thee are many things to do in eastern uganda from different district.

These districts include Jinja, tororo, mbale, soroti, kapchorwa, among others,

In Jinja: Jinja is a town found in eastern part of Uganda and its near Kampala, just 2hours drive from Kampala.

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Its found on shores of lake Victoria, and its well known for the source of the river Nile, the world’s longest river.

The source of the Nile was during the colonisation marked by the British explore called John Hanning Speke,

Jinja has a lot of things to for example at the Owen falls and Bujagali falls with the beautiful view,

The source of the Nile is good for activities like boat cruise,fishing,

Its also good for birdwatching where over 40 bird species can be spotted,,

Jinja has mixed tribes of people, is Baganda who’s speak Ruganda and the Basoga,,

In kapchorwa district, there are also activities to do like the hiking the hills,

Also this is where you find the beautiful and rewarding nature,, the sippi falls give you the magical view,

This is where you see the flowing water from high point of the rock.

Mount Elgon, this is also found in eastern Uganda at the boarder of Uganda and Kenya, this will reward you with the amazing wildlife,

Near this mountain, there are two types of tribes is, bagisu and the sabiny, and this mountain is 1,121km square meter,

Mount Elgon is a home for over 300 species of birds, and tourist who like mountaineering may visit this mountain.

Lake Kyoga is also found in eastern Uganda, this lake is shallow and is over 1,700 per square kilometers,

Its where the Victoria Nile flows through up to lake Albert,

The main and powerful flow of water from lake Victoria controlled and regulated at the Nalubaale station.


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