June 11, 2019

Murchison Falls National park is  in the northern part of Albertine Rift Valley,

place where the massive Bunyoro escarpments amalgamate into the enormous plains of Acholi lands.

It is well known to be one of Uganda’s ancient conservation areas.

In 1926, it was known as a game reserve set up to protect the savannah grassland that was talked about by Winston Churchill in 1907 as the great Kew Gardens along with the wildlife blended on a restricted land .

Murchison falls national park is the oldest and the biggest national park in uganda, and it inhabits a number of wildlife including the birds,

Among the wild animals there are; Lions, Giraffe, Hyenas, Elephants, hippos Leopards and many others.

At the top of falls, hiking makes the best memory for you as you use the boat, riding from down and when you reach near the falls, one decides to climb and hike up to the top, this is an amazing experience,

The game drive itself gives you an opportunity to view the amazing wildlife and this engages all your senses to the nature,

murchison falls

Feel at home when you plan your visit to Murchison falls national park.

When someone plan to set us a dam on the falls of Murchison, it sounds bad and it means we may end up loosing part of experience.

We stand to therefore love to see the falls protected and we would be having the experience. We love nature as Kenlink Tours And Travel,


We should keep nature safe and protect the wildlife,

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