Namarusu Isalnd-Lake Victoria


This is located along Lake Victoria,

Lake Victoria is Uganda’s biggest lake and its shared by three countries including Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.  The lake covers over 68800 square km, and is used for a number of activities by the locals from the three countries covering the lake.

Among the activities include fishing, transportation and many others.


This is one of over 84 islands found in lake Victoria including Ngamba island where we find the chimpanzee sanctuary. This island is a home for a number of plants, trees and many birds, and monkies including the curvet monkies.   This island covers over 24 hectares in size and surrounded by waters on both sides.

Among the bird species that are found along this island include Kingfishers like Pied kingfishers, Woodland kingfishers, Grey headed kingfishers, African fish eagle, Camaropterers, Canary, Weavers, African darter, long tailed Cormorant, Great Cormorant, Hadada ibis, Broad billed roller, among other birds.  It will take you at least 05-30 minutes from the main land (Port bell Luzira) by a boat depending on which boat you are using and the speed you apply.

It however acts as a landing site for fishermen as they rest and chill from there when fishing, atter parking their boats.

There is  team that went to learn more about the islands and this was a team of birders including Hafasha Keneth a CEO of Kenlink Tours And Travel, Atukunda Suzan a safari guide, Ahimbisibwe Colleb, Eve, Priscilla, Matilda, Sonko Fredrick a tour guide and s student at Kampala International University, Mbabazi Connie, and this was a group of 8 people who went for birding as they explore more information about the island.

There was one day I was making my birding with my group, I accidentally ended up in Luzira portbel, we decided to take a boat cruise that took us up to one of the islands, we had a short forest walk for at leat 30 minutes and we went back, I re-planned for the tour with another group and we really got more information and a lot of birds that we seen made us so excited.                We enjoyed the Mother Nature and we invite you to this island as its one of the most interesting and beautiful places to visit- Kenneth CEO Kenlink Tours and Travel said.


BIRDING: You can do birding around the island and here you may record more than 80 bird species, and these species include robin chats, kingfishers, African darter, egrets, African fish eagle, fly catchers and many others.

BOAT RIDE: A boat that is done along the lake, more especially that can take you as you sail around the island is another activity that refreshes your mind and welcomes you to the island. A boat may take you up to 3 hours.

FOREST WALK: This can be done inside the island as it takes you approximately 1 hour as you will be seeing many birds, plans, trees and many others.

In the below pictures, you will see the team that made it to birding on this island for the second time.


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