Local Tourism

local tourism in uganda

The growth of Uganda’s general tourism sector somehow depends on the domestic or local tourism.  According to the analysis, the local tourism has impacted the growth of the  Uganda’s tourism because local tourists have always engaged many people and created awareness on the Uganda’s touristic places. Due to local tourism, the much of the conservation goals have been hit, and accomplished.

 The local tourism in Uganda has been promoted mostly by the local people, more especially the youth, who  have been always able to travel and explore Uganda’s touristic places, like the national parks, wildlife / game reserves, cultural sights and many others.  Though some marketing have been done, much of it has been done by the local people more especially the young people/youth, as they have taken much time in marketing Uganda by inviting many other people to visit Uganda like the locals, and the foreigners/foreign tourists.

Although there are much more challenges, young people have always been able to keep Uganda known for and as most loved and rewarding touristic destination as they spend much time on social media, Google and other platforms marketing Uganda, they benefit much as they get clients, though the government get revenue from the tourists.

Role of domestic tourism in Uganda.

Tourism, in general, plays an important role in generating revenue which contributes to Uganda’s national budget. Foreign tourists outnumber domestic tourists in Uganda – and thus contribute more to the total tourism sectors development.

  1. Domestic tourism is great for selling Uganda as a tourist destination. Local tourism has helped in selling Uganda’s touristic places as many people who have visited Uganda’s places have always published about these beautiful places hence attracting many other people to come and visit Uganda, and in the process,
  • Domestic tourism helps to drive the conservation goals forward.  It’s said that as many people visit these places, they really market them, but sharing their travel challenges, and magic feelings in the nature, this has also helped in the conservation because many people are engaged in conservation, where the conservation authorities have been engaged.
  • Domestic tourism contributes to national development by generating revenue. It’s said that as many people are involved and engaged in local tourism, the government earns more revenue collected from these places like the entrances, the facilities used by the tourists.  
  • Local tourism is great for study purposes. Much of the local tourists who have been engaged in domestic tourism, have got much to learn about the country Uganda. This has helped many people more especially the young upcoming who would like to be engaged in tourism industry, it has given them a chance to learn more about the tourism industry, and also the student perusing tourism.

Places most visited in Central Uganda

1. Ssese Islands.

2. Mabira Rain Forest.

3. Lubiri Mengo.

4. Sezibwa Falls.

5. Uganda National Mosque.

6. Kibuli Mosque.

7. Uganda Museum.

8. Uganda Wildlife Education Centre.

9. Lake Victoria

10. Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Eastern Uganda

11. Jinja City

12. Sipi Falls in Kapchorwa

13. Source of the Nile

14. Mount Elgon

Northern Uganda

15. Kidepo Valley National Park.

16. Murchison Falls National Park.

17. Aruu Falls

Western Uganda

18. The Rwenzori Mountains.

19. Semuliki National Park.

20. Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary

21. Crater Lakes of Western Uganda.

22. Katonga Wildlife reserve

23. Kibale National Park

24. Kilembe Copper mines.

Southwestern Uganda

24. Queen Elizabeth National Park.

25. Bwindi Forest National Park

26. Mount Sabinyo

27. Lake Bunyonyi

28. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

29. Lake Mburo National Park