lets take you to kasubi tombs

Kasubi Tombs

September 16, 2018
Uganda tours

Kasubi tombs is found in kampala central uganda and its in buganda kingdom
This is more of cultural and historical,

Its a place where four previous kings (Kabakas) were buried and this has therefore made it a historical.

this also makes it a religious place for the royal family and its where the kabaka (the king) of buganda and carry out their ritual activities,

Its just within kampala and all you need is to sit with your family

or as a group and you arrange a one day city tour where you visit a number of places including the Kasubi Tombs,

Among other places there is Uganda wildlife center (Zoo) in entebbe with beautiful animals of uganda,

uganda parliament, Uganda museun, Religious places like Lubaga for catholics, Old kampala mosque for moslims, Namirembe cathedral for protestants,

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