This journey to kisoro takes you to the switzland of Uganda, found in south westewrn Uganda  where the gold meets silver, and it’s a home for number of mountain gorillas, mokeys, birds, beautiful hills, green pastures local people like the batwa among others.

It was in the morning of 2nd Jan 2019 when I planned my journey to kisoro district and kampala (The capital city of uganda), it is was at 05 am in the morning,

We got to the public transport means and we booked with Jaguar bus, this was only 30,000 uganda shillings,  now our journey starts exactly at 5am.

This journey is over 490km via mbarara kabale road. Well the driver was so good and professional on the road, maybe because he was popular with this road,  our first stopover was at Kayabwe for short calls and buying snacks,

Among the things that were to be visited were the mount muhabura for mountain hiking, visiting the batwa trails, lake mutanda, the beautiful hills and mountains of kisoro, especially in busanza subcounty, among others,

Joining kampala to masaka was a bit clear because there was  no much traffic on the road, we drove up to  KINONI just after masaka where the bust tyre got mechanical mechanical issues and we had to stop to sort it our, this took over 3 hours at the place trying to fix it.

Now it was at 02pm when we were now set to resume our journey, we went up to mbarara where we had a stopover and we got some refreshment,

We drove via Ntungamo now after mbarara, and up to kabala. It was already getting to night, we were not lucky to see the sharp and interesting corners of kabala as you are joining to kisoro though we saw them we were coming back to Kampala,

We reached to kisoro and it was at 09pm , so we checked in with one of the local hotels in kisoro and that being MIAMI hotel managed by MR. ABEL, we has an overnight there up to morning,

The next day, at exactly 07am, our breakfast was ready and we had an warm and sweet food composed of matooke, rice, greens, irish potatoes,

We then set off to one of the sub counties in kisoro and that is Busanza, where we found a number of activities like farming with terraces,

brick laying among others,  we also found some undiscovered falls, and dams which they told us they are called the NDURUMA and KANYAMATEKE where the government is planning to collect electricity from.

It was coming to lunch time and we went to one of the local markets and we had to buy some fruits, avocados, sugar canes among others. We came back to kisoro town to rest and have an overnight as we prepare our journey to Nyarusiza as we head to mount muhabura for hiking,

The next day in the morning, we then went to mount muhavura and on our way, we met a gentleman called NIYONZIMA HABERT and we was our guide to the mountain.

We visited the mountain and as we were coming back, we couldn’t miss out the batwa trail where we were lucky and found the batwa who danced for us the local dances, we enjoyed the dance together,

From there we went back to kisoro town, we had an overnight and early in the morning, we travelled back to kampala,

Me, together with my colleague, we called it a short trip to kisoro district.

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