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We arrange educative tours from Uganda and east africa in general, both for all educationa levels.

These are done in all touristic destinations like wildlife, cities, cultures, and all other features, we cover all the topics both farming, Fishing, Forestry, Wildlife, Factories, Forestry, among others.field studies in uganda and the entire world, book with kenlink tours

we need to your, visit mount elgon
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UWEC (Uganda Wildlife Education Center)

This is found in uganda entebbe and is good for all students and individuals from all educational levels.

Its located just few meters from Entebbe International Airport, It has almost all types of wild animals keep in cages and one would like visiting and making this place his or her field study destination. Among the animals in this destionation are Lions (To show you what we have in queen Elizabeth national park), Leopards, Giraffe, Worthdogs, Elelphants, Antelops, Zebra, Buffaloes, Rhino, Cheetah, chimpanzee, reptiles, all birds among others 

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More details coming soon but you can CLICK HERE TO BOOK A FIELD STUDY


More details coming soon but you can CLICK HERE TO BOOK A FIELD STUDY