Boat cruise is one of all you need as we visit the breathtaking sights of Uganda,

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Uganda has a good percentage of its part covered with waters, it more than 15% and this simplifies its beauty,

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Uganda the pearl of Africa is really very beautiful, and has natural waters, hills and valleys,

Most of the waters are good for activities like fishing, plantations, and one cannot forget ship cruises,

For example along lake Victoria, there are many boat cruises, the biggest lake covers part of each east African countries.

Also kazinga channel is good for this, visit western part of Uganda  like masindi, fort portal and you will never miss this,

There is a good boat ride and cruises in Murchison falls national park,

Other boat rides are in different uganda’s districts like kisoro south western uganda, where you find lakes like lake mutanda, lake murehe, lake chahafi and others.

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