Africa is generally a tourist destination you all over the world, and you would plan your visit to African for your vacation or business travel. the best tours in Africa will leave your mind engaged and your soul lifted.


Uganda is a safari destination you cant accept missing on one of your best tours in Africa . Uganda was named the pearl of African as it has got all the beautiful sceneries, landscapes, beautiful water falls, amazing wild animals, as you can also get on a Big Five Safari to spot Lions, Elephants, Leopards, Buffaloes, and Rhinos.

With 10 national parks, and 12 wildlife reserves, a number of mountains, and many others, you are all set for an adventure.

  1. A guided wildlife safari that you could take to Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, lake mburo national park or any other national park, is an amazing trip that creates bondage between you and the mother nature. you can pan for 3-5 days trip in Uganda or even more days.



Taking you back to the mountain gorillas, Did you know that you can take up an ultimate gorilla tracking experience in Uganda? Having know about this, and also, Uganda hosts over 51% of the world’s gorilla population. Gorillas have made it to almost everyone’s mind that Uganda has a lot of secrets to visit and see these primates. Gorillas in Uganda can can be visited at any time of the year.

When on gorilla safari, you should put in minds about the type of tracking you are willing to do. For example, if you are going to do a traditional gorilla tracking, this will allow you only 1 hour with the gorillas after finding them. Whereas the Gorilla habituation, you can be given more than 6 hours with these primates, observing their behaviors, life, and a number studies about how they live, feed, mate, and take care of their family.



Have ever imagined about the amazing and engaging wildlife in Uganda? How about that close lion roar,. Uganda is a home of beautiful wild animals including the big five mammals, and you cannot miss out on this. One on one with the wildlife in Uganda, facing the true rewards of the nature, as you are on your guided morning or afternoon or evening game drive, you ill surely meet and observe face to face these amazing wild residents, as they graze, hunt, as they are being hunted and eaten by their fellows, and this is one of the moments that will attract your eyes, camera lens and even your attention, as you will want to study well the moments you wont forget for life.


Uganda has beautiful and fantastic culture with beautiful and friendly people, who are always willing and ready to welcome everyone visiting Uganda at any time. You will always be amazed by the dressing codes, and the languages that you will want to really learn. 


Uganda is one Africa’s birding haven, where a number of tourists flow to, in order to have those pictures of beautiful birds. Uganda hosts over 1078 bird species and can be seen in a number of destinations, national parks, wildlife reserves, and all other places. Surprisingly, you can see birds almost in every environment in Uganda, as you drive on the roads, as you enter in the national parks, as you sit on the sheds of the trees, you will always be welcomed by the singing birds. More to know, you will observe and hear these birds early in the morning, as the offer you the morning bird’s songs, waking you up and welcoming you to the new day.

See the Birding Safari in Uganda, Click here


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    Are you looking for the best tour in africa , you would plan and think about Uganda, for the ultimate gorilla tracking safaris.

    There are over 5,000 tours you can choose from, and from all budgets.

    Tour Packages

    3. A guided combined wildlife and gorilla tracking safari / adventure is another unforgettable experience as you will meet the ultimate wildlife, and gorillas (the human closest cousins) and these are found basically in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. on your 5 days safari, you can plan for;

    3.0 Queen Elizabeth national park + Bwindi gorilla national park

    3.1 Queen Elizabeth national park + Mgahinga gorilla national park

    3.2 Mgahinga gorilla national park + Lake mburo national park,

    3.3 Mgahinga national park + Murchison falls national park and other places as we can always recommend.

    To have an amazing safari in Uganda, you need a very Professional and Knowledgeable safari/tour guide. Tour guides are behind all the successful safaris, as they will always take care of you, give guidelines, give you information at all times, and recommend the best places to sleep in.

    4. A guided safari for chimpanzee tracking that you will most probably take from Kibale national park, or any other place for chimpanzees. Well Uganda have a number of ultimate chimpanzees, though Kibale forest national park makes it to number 1 because when you visit Kibale forest national park, you got over 95% chances to see these primates. Other places where you can see the chimpanzees include Kalinzu and kyambura gorge, and these are located close to Queen Elizabeth national park, Budongo forest, which is located in Murchison falls national park,



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