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Our Kampala Cultural And Historical Tour

March 4, 2019

Every time you are preparing to have a tour, always plan well for your tour because it determines the sweetness and memorable tour, for example city tour,

We woke up with our clients and planned a city tour around kampala, and all we  came our with was only memories, and we learnt new things including cultures and history.

We decided to take the Uganda national mosque (Gaddaffi Mosque) as our starting point where we learnt much more about the history and how this huge mosque was put up, one of the things we discovered was that this mosque was put up ans funded by who was the president of Libya due to the friendship he has with the president of uganda.

We managed to reach on the top of the mosque where we were able to take the picture of the vies of kampala city,

From the national mosque we went to Bulange in mengo and we visited Kabaka’s palace, the parliament of buganda kingdom where the main meetings are done from.

Then from the parliament of buganda, we went and visited the chambers,

The facts about these chambers are that, these were constructed by Amin and its where he used to keep him weapons.

Then later these chambers we changed into torture house, his (Amin) soldiers used to pick people and take them to the chambers torturing them to get information out of them. Its known that over a thousands of people lost their lives within this place. On our second picture, there are yellow fingure spots, these were put by people when they were being tortured, they would fight putting their fingers on the walls, note that there was electrified water in these rooms.

Chembers put up by amin in the city

We managed to visit the kabaka’s lake and we also found an amazing history about this lake, this is found just few meters from Kabaka’a palace, this is the biggest man made lake in africa, and it was put up by  Kabaka Mwanga 11 and the main reason for set up of this lake was for swimming and escape. this lake was connected to lake victoria by a channel which he would use to escape for exile.

visit kabaka's lake in mengo with kenlink tours

A lot of places to be discovered in kampala, just in one day city tour,

BOOK WITH US and  we take you to the historical and cultural tours from around kampala and uganda in general,



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