In our western tour we find many activities and more exciting things to do.

Meet the gorillas, the local people, and many others,

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DAY 1:

We shall transfer to Fort Portal. Fort Portal is found in the shadow of the Mountains of the Moon (Rwenzori mountains) and is famous for its large tea plantations in western uganda. It is a very beautiful place with a lot of exciting things to see. These include the people, food markets, forests and the big and large tea plantations.

DAY 2:

You will then go for a nature walk at the foothills of m ount Rwenzori and also learn about the Butooro culture. Enjoy the scenic views, have a glimpse of the village life You will also make a stop at the Amabere Caves, where you can discover the small hidden waterfall in the place.

According to the history, Toro kingdom came out of the kingdom of Bunyoro around 1830. Batooro people and their culture live in  the districts of Kabarole ,Kasese Kyenjojo and Kamwenge in western Uganda.

We shall also make a stop at the Kalambi Tombs which is the burial place for the kings of Tooro and we shall also visit to the Kings palace.

Dinner and overnight at our hotel.

DAY 3:

We shall depart for Mbarara where you will have lunch in Mbarara town, after lunch continue to Nshenyi Village. The route will take you to this rural farm, where you can learn about the Ankole people’s way of life. When you visit the Nshenyi Cultural Village you will go on nature walks, visit various homesteads, be entertained by traditional western dancers at the cultural village or at one of the homes in the community and experience the pastoralist lifestyle. You will also visit  the Batwa pottery makers from Nshenyi.

We shall have dinner and overnight at Nshenyi Village.

western uganda cows
find the local milk

DAY 4:

Early in the morning after milking the long horned Ankole cows, we  shall return to the farm for breakfast. Later we shall take a  walk to the village of Bahima people. The trail leads through undulating hills that overlook Nshenyi Village. In the evening we shall enjoy traditional dancing and singing of a local groups of people from western uganda.

We shall have dinner and overnight at Nshenyi Village.

DAY 5:

After breakfast we depart from Nshenyi and head to the south western uganda to visit another people called the Batwa (pygmies) from kisoro and kabale who formally lived in the forest surviving on wild animals and plants. The Batwa, are a pygmy people who were the oldest recorded inhabitants of the Great Lakes region of central Africa. They live in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, and the eastern portion of the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Overnight and dinner at Travelers Hotel Kisoro

DAY 6:

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After an early breakfast at Travelers Hotel Kisoro you will drive into Mghinga National Park  and this is where the trail starts. On this trail you get to learn about the park and the life of the Batwa. The Batwa trail may take up to 5 hours. This is where you experience the Batwa and their activities, their attractive dances, and others.

As the original dwellers, the Batwa were known as “The Keepers of the Forest.” Because they used to live in the forest.

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The Batwa survived by hunting small game and animal using arrows or nets and gathering plants and fruit in the forest. The Batwa lived in harmony with the forest and its creatures, including the mountain gorillas. Overnight at your hotel.

visit the mountain gorillas in rushaga
Mountain Gorilla

DAY 7:

Early in the morning after breakfast you will travel back to Kampala. On the way back to the city you will have lunch in Mbarara  at Igongo Cultural Center  that has the ancient history and culture for the Banyakitara including their tools and household items and after Masaka, there will be an opportunity to stop at the Equator for photo shoots for momeries and rememberance, and buying souvenirs and have tea or coffee.

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