4 Days Wildlife Lake Mburo & Queen Elizabath National Park

January 18, 2020
Uganda tours

Queen elizabeth national park was formed in year 1952 as kazinga channel national park, there after remaned as queen elizabeth national park 1954 after the visit of queen elizabeth of england, to comemorate her visit,

It is uganda’s second largest national park after murchison falls, and its located in western part of uganda in kasese district.

This safari adventure takes you to Lake mburo and queen Elizabeth national park which are located in the western wing of Uganda, and will reward you with the most stunning and perfect views of Uganda’s nature.

You will enjoy the morning game drives that will be done in both parks and they will reward you with the great view of the wild mammals including the lions, leopards, herds of elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, among others.

Also the boat cruise which will be done in both parks  including the one of queen Elizabeth national park which is done along kazinga channel and allows you to meet face to face the aquatic animals like hippos, elephants as they drink water, crocodiles, otters, beautiful water birds like the kingfishers, among others.

This safari gives you an opportunity to explore the best of safari in uganda and its one of the most rewarding safari. The safari also allows you to encounter the real nature and savanna grasslands.




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