Murchison falls national park is one of uganda’s laegest and oldest national parks,

it has got a variety of wildlife and birds seen both as you do game drive or boat cruise,


After the arrival at Entebbe airport, we drive to masindi with our packed lunch aftter breakfast while viewing beautiful and unique scenaries of Uganda and stay at masindi hotel,

Thereafter we have 2 days in Murchison falls national park which is the largest national park in Uganda with diversity of flora and fauna.

There are 765 mammal species that have been recorded including giraffe, buffalos, heartbeats, hippos,

leopards, lions Uganda kobs and over 450 bird species, in varied habitants such as savanna, open water.

bird watching in murchison
these are the pioneers of birds,

Central to the life of the national park, there is a river nile and launch trip upriver to the base of the nile highest water falls,

scenic  Buligi grasslands to the Albert Nile with unique bird species

Remember Murchison falls national park is Uganda’s  largest national park and one of the most liked and visited, you may on this trip see the big five animals.



DAY 1:  Drive from Entebbe to Masindi

Arrivals in the morning at the airport and then later proceed to masindi with our packed beakfast and lunch while viewing the bweautifulk Uganda, make stopovers for shgopping in masindi town

and then proceed to masindi hotel for rest and preparations for the foillwing day in Murchison falls national park.We shall have our dinner and overnight at Masindi Hotel.

DAY 2: Drive while birding to Murchison National park

find the safaris to killl your tress i nqueen elizabeth national park.

The park is a home for over 450 bird species and these include, Albertine Rift Endemic,

the water birds and the savanna forest birds of which is the largest national park in Uganda with hot temperatures,

grasslands to albert nile and the visit to the top of the falls which will give us a clear view.

The shoebill is the major bird attraction to see.

Other species include dark chanting, goshawk, martial eagle, white faced, and whistling duck,  hugll’s francoline,

Egyptian plover, African watted lapwing, secretary bird, and these will be see while on the boat cruise.

Murchison falls national park with 76 mammals  amnd among these include, buffalos, leopards, lions, elephants, Uganda kobs.

Then we will use ferry to cross the river to Para Safari Lodge,  where we will have our dinner and  stay later in the evening.

DAY 3: Game drive and boat cruise

Afterhaving breakfast, we will head in for a game drive which will take us 3 hours drive and

we shall be able to see the variety mammals which include Orib, Giraffe, Lions, leopards, buffallos, heartbeest, among others

with also a variety of birds like white created turaco, sunbird at the extreme north of the park, abysinians, ground hornbill, among others.

After this beautiful morning game drive, we will go back to our hotel for lunch.

find the giraffe with kenlink tours and travelLater in the evening ,we shall have a boat cruise of which we will see many crocodiles and many other  water birds like shoe bill stork,

grey crowned crane, goriath Heron, black headed lawping among others,

While on the boat cruise, we will have clear view of the falls.

We will then go back to our lodge, have dinner and over night as we prepare for our next day where we will return back to kampala.

DAY 4: Drive to kampala- Entebbe.

After morning breakfast, we will drive back to kampala with packed lunch,

we will stay at protea hotel where we will wake up early next morning for our flight back to your country.

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