Importance Of Tourism To Uganda

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Uganda has benefited from tourism greatly. Uganda has got a lot of touristic products like a number of safaris.

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These safaris are made by many tour operators that do right bookings from Entebbe international airport , welcoming tourists and taking them to touristic destinations.

Uganda has got a wide range of touristic assets that boosts wealth of biodiversity that is used for touristic purposes.

Uganda’s local economies have been boosted and sustained because of wildlife, this has helped the government to get a lot of income of over 11% of the total national income.

Tourism has done great contributions in marketing Uganda as pearl of Africa, this is done through the tour agencies like the Uganda wildlife Authority (UWA) and tour operators that market uganda from online.

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Many people flow to Uganda and this make it easy for Uganda to developed her infrastructure like roads, lodges, schools, hotels and cultural centres.

Uganda as a nation has made her conservation through government agencies like UWA and UTB,

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