Cultural tours in uganda

Kisoro got your back for your cultural experience

Every cultural tour you make in Uganda is a great safari and most amazing,

Uganda has a number of cultures that count up to 65 tribal groupsvrerified by the constitution of uganda 2005.


Among the tribes we have in uganda are bafumbira found in kisoro south western Uganda famous for cattle keeping, farming and cultivations,

this has become their main activity because this place is fertile and good for farming activities.

These people speak Kinyarwanda-Kifumbira because they are close to Rwanda,

foor your cultural experience

tour the cultures in

Bakiga in kabale also have an amazing cultures that are almost the same as kisoro, they ave the same farming activities only that they use Rukiga as their language,

The same activities apply in the western Banyankole, and they are the most suppliers of farming products like bananas milk, and others in Uganda especially kampala and outside uganda.

Generally, as you step in western uganda, you start looking green as you find the farming cultivations like banana plantations, large herds of cattle that produce milk.

There are also Baganda found in the central part of uganda, and they have their king called Kabaka for buganda kingdom,

lets take you to kasubi tombs

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