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Did You Know About Impalas? Book this Safari

IMPALAS Impalas, Did you know this?? This is a member of entelops as a group, Diurnal, they live in a group of over 30 animals and led by a dominant male. Young and territorial blocks come together to and from bachelor herds. Impalas make leaps of up to 3 m high and 10m width. They […]

Know The Facts About Crested Crane In Uganda

CRESTED CRANE, UGANDA’S NATIONAL BIRD Crested crane was chosen as Uganda’s national emblem because of its beauty and elegance. Commonly called the Crested Crane, it is a bird of national significance to Uganda, occupying a prime position on the country’s national flag and coat of arms. The Crested Crane has been Uganda’s symbol for nearly […]

Bwindi gorillas

Uganda Welcomes New Baby Gorilla

On a day 16th October 2019, a new baby gorilla is born. in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. Uganda’s oldest mountain gorilla gives birth to a baby gorilla and this has excited the uganda wildlife authority, uganda tour operators, uganda tour guides and other tourism stakeholders. Speaking to the media, Mr. Mbwebwe Peter, the Uganda […]

Uganda the pearl of africa

Uganda, The Pearl Of Africa- Hafasha Keneth

Uganda, the Pearl of Africa This was named by Winston Churchill in his popular book which was entitled *My African Journey* He did so mostly when he saw the magnficience, colour, life of pople, a number of birds, reptiles, mammals, vegetation, and many others. Since then, Uganda is amazed by the beauty of most wonderous […]

visit kabaka's lake


VISIT KABAKA’S LAKE Kabaka’s lake is found in the central Uganda, Kampala, a few kilometers from the city center and it was established in 1884-1888 by the king Kabaka Mwanga ll. It is Uganda’s biggest man made lake and it occupies around 2 square km and its around 200m deep, and this was being used by […]

Happy Eid Mubarak

As a good team from Kenlink Tours And Travel, we love to stand wishing every Muslim a happy Eid Mubarak, Thanks for the good hearts and love you always have. It has been long time for us working with many Muslim people from different places and corners from the world. So please let us wish […]


We well know that everyone would aim at raising awareness about the king of the jungle,”LION” and we love to keep the conservation more high. They are one of the most social animals, among the big cats,and in the family of the big five animals, In uganda, they are found in murchison falls national park, […]